Frog Tea anyone?

Posted by – October 5, 2012


AProper Cup of Tea

A Proper Cup of Tea by Peter Merich

A Proper Cup of Tea by Peter Merich

What is FrogTea? An encryption utility which allows you to create a secure*, stand alone, self-decrypting HTML archive which may contain either html or plain text content.

While it will be a feature of the next release of NoteFrog Professional, we’re also offering a stand alone utility which enables you to create secure* “FrogTea” archives of any text/html content you wish.

The encryption and decryption is done on your computer. No data is sent over the internet (unless you decide to upload/share your encrypted file, as we have). You may load your encrypted html file on any computer with a web browser and decrypt it anytime you wish by opening the HTML file in the browser and decrypting it – right there on the computer – no internet access is necessary – no data is transmitted!

To see it in action select this self-decrypting file and decrypt it using the key “A Proper Cup of Tea” – try other keys if you wish.

*For more information and to view the user guide and download the program visit FrogTea.

NoteFrog version 2 Release Candidate

Posted by – April 25, 2012

A new release candidate is available via

This should correct an error in the supersearch routine as well as provide an “option” to Allow/not allow internet access. Current versions of NoteFrog will attempt to access the internet via the “Help/Utilities” selection. Dis-allowing internet access will supress all attempts to access the internet.

This “should” be the final version 2 release candidate. Please report any issues.

Thanks for your assistance.

NoteFrog V2 supersearch

Posted by – March 15, 2012

We have received a report of the NoteFrog supersearch failing to report all matching elements present.

We are rewriting the NoteFrog V2 supersearch for the V2 final release which will correct any known search errors and are committed to an accurate V2 search capability, within limits or the current “search” + “and” capability. Additional search capabilities are planned and will be added as they become available.


Where’s my Registration Code?

Posted by – February 27, 2012

Some version 2 users have reported “lost” registration codes. They enter the code and their registration name shows up fine, only later to revert to “Registered to Customer preview”.

This is OK. The current version 2 is a “Customer Preview” which is active until July 4th. Registered or not, it then expires. Thus, when you enter a valid registration code, NoteFrog informs you of such by displaying the registration name. However, that registration information is displayed for that session only and the “Customer preview” registration is displayed upon restarting.

Version 2 will be released for download before the version 2 preview expires, so registered users will be able to download the formal version 2 release and continue to use version 2 features.

Version 2 beta testing

Posted by – January 5, 2012

This information is primarily for version 2 beta testers, but most of it will likely apply to version 2 users as well.

You can read about program differences in posts below.  This post is about getting ready to test.

Current alpha testing has not revealed any instances of data loss or corruption, but if you’re using your real NoteFrog library, you’ll probably want to create a backup, just to be safe.

You should download the beta install program and install it like any other NoteFrog install. If you’ve used the standard installation for previous installs, the beta install should run using your normal library. If you’ve changed the standard installation location, contact us for instructions – essentially you’ll need to replace the old executable with the new one and move a few new files to make them accessible to the program.

Upon first running the program it should locate the ini and library and start up as the previous version did. If you’ve installed version 2 into a new location and wish to run it separately from your version 1.9 installation, the new version 2 program will ask you if you want to create a new library or locate an existing one. That decision is up to you.

The new help menus are functional but are not at the level of detail they will be for the normal production install. We welcome your comments on how to improve them. Our familiarity with the program, causes us to sometimes take things for granted that others may not know.

We’ll probably issue a new beta in two to three weeks, depending on your issues, comments, suggestions – unless there’s a “show stopper” issue which requires an immediate fix.

Please report you findings regularly so we can stay current in addressing any issues.

Thanks for your participation.