Month: February 2010

Possible new capabilities

Posted by – February 16, 2010

We are currently in the planning and/or development stage for several possible additions to NoteFrog. Two of those have also been requested by several users. We’ll provide a very brief overview of each and see what some of the rest of our users feel about each.

Reminders would provide a facility for entering information into NoteFrog which would result in a date/time based “pop up” containing the entered text. The capability would be simple and easy in its approach and would not be intended to replace your more robust systems, such as outlook or google calendar, but would provide for a simple, easy to use, text based reminder capability.


Synchronization will provide a “point in time” capability to synchronize a previously created “synchronous pair” of NoteFrog libraries. This will allow you to create a sync-mate for your master NoteFrog library, which you may then use in an additional environment, such as on a usb. This “sync-mate” may then be synchronized with its master library to build an updated library reflecting the changed/updated contents of the pair. This updated library may then be used to create a new “synchronous pair” and repeat the cycle.

We’ll have more information regarding each of these potential additional to NoteFrog as design continues. in the meantime, let us know how you feel about these or other possible NoteFrog improvements.

NoteFrog Internet Access

Posted by – February 16, 2010

Some of you have asked why NoteFrog attempts to access the internet.

Help and certain other features of the “Help Tools and Utilities” feature are web-based, so NoteFrog checks for an internet connection in an attempt to determine whether on-line capabilities are available. It also checks to see if a newer version of the “Help, Tools and Utilities” is available, and if so, replaces your local copy with the newer version.

NoteFrog 1.5.0 released

Posted by – February 16, 2010

NoteFrog 1.5.0 has been released for download. It contains several new features, including Hotkeys for several functions, color coding for “pinned” items, a new help/tools capability and other minor features and a few bugfixes. It has been extensively beta and user tested. However if you experience anything you feel is unusual, please report it to us.

Update:  1.5.1 has been released to correct a display error which could occur following an unsuccessful search.

Anti-Virus false positives

Posted by – February 16, 2010

We’ve noticed that at least one anti-virus program has flagged NoteFrog 1.5.0 as possibly containing a virus. There is no virus in NoteFrog. What is being reported is known as a “false positive”. Anti-virus programs have become so diligent in their checking that they are flagging more false positives than ever.  See this link –

We  submit NoteFrog  to any product companies who flag NoteFrog as a possible virus and have them add it to their database as acceptable, but  the process can take several days to complete. If you receive a notification from your anti-virus program, please notify us so we can submit NoteFrog to them. If you still have concerns about this version of NoteFrog, please contact us and we’ll ensure you can access a version directly from our secure download location.

Run NoteFrog from a USB drive

Posted by – February 16, 2010

If you would like to carry NoteFrog with you and run it from a flash drive, you will need to move certain files to the flash drive and make minor modifications to the NoteFrog.ini file. Due to windows imposed security considerations, these actions may only be performed by a user with “Admin” privileges and someone who is familiar with and comfortable modifying text files.

1. Move the NoteFrog.exe and Hunspelldll.dll (if you wish to do spell checking) files from the NoteFrog program folder to the flash drive.

2. Move the NoteFrog.ini, NoteFrog.db, nf_utilities.html, dict.dll and, if you want to use spell check, the .dic, .aff and optional .dat (e.g. en_US.dic)  files from your windows user application data folder for HTConsulting\NoteFrog. These are in a “hidden” system application data folder on your windows system drive. For windows XP the location is – system drive:\Documents and Settings \”user name”\Local Settings\Application Data
for Vista – system drive:\users\”user name”\appdata\roaming\HTConsulting\NoteFrog

3. Using a normal text editor, e.g. notepad, open the NoteFrog.ini file and modify the path of the “Opened =” entry (if a path exists) and the “Dictionary = ” entries to reflect the location on the flash drive. Be sure the .ini is saved as an .ini and not an .ini.txt (the Notepad default).
4. You should now be able to run NoteFrog from the flash drive.

Hello world!

Posted by – February 15, 2010

Welcome to NoteFrogBlog where you will find tips about how to use NoteFrog as well as information regarding feature requests under development/consideration.