Month: May 2010

NoteFrog 1.6 available.

Posted by – May 21, 2010

NoteFrog version 1.6.0 has been released and is available for download. The major new functionality for 1.6 is the ability to create reminders.

Reminders provide a facility for entering information into NoteFrog which result in a date/time based “pop up” containing the entered text. The capability is simple and easy in its approach. It is not intended to replace your more substantial systems, such as Outlook or Google calendar, but provides a lightweight, convenient, easy to use, text based reminder/tickler capability.

Default Editor:
Permits user selection of a default text editor to be used for the creation and editing of new notes.
Note. For best results select a plain text or simple rich text editor e.g. wordpad. Microsoft Word includes special control character sequences not recognized by the rich text editor in NoteFrog or most other editors.

Automatically backup library each startup.
An option to have the NoteFrog Library copied each time NoteFrog is started. The copy will appear in the same location as the NoteFrog Library and will have a file name in the format “NoteFrog_1.DB”.

In addition to the many standard keyboard program shortcuts available (see the FAQ), this “Options” provides for the creation of user-selectable system wide “Hot Key” sequences to be associated with a number of program functions.

  • “Show/Hide NoteFrog. Bring NoteFrog to top (Show) or minimize it (Hide).
  • “New Item from clip”. Creates a new item in the active stack containing the current contents of the clipboard.
  • New Item from editor. Creates a new item in the active stack consisting of the contents of the current “active” window. Allows you to easily save the contents from your favorite plain text editor, as a new item, from within the editor.
  • Clip Capture ON. Clip Capture OFF. Turns on/off automatic clipboard content capture.