Month: December 2010

NoteFrog 1.8

Posted by – December 31, 2010

NoteFrog v1.8.0 has been released. This is a free update for all existing NoteFrog customers.

The major addition is the inclusion of a countdown timer program, EasyTimer.

EasyTimer is a utility timer which provides an option for either a “Countdown” or “Clock” timer.

You may start the EasyTimer program via a NoteFrog button or user defined hotkey. You initiate the timer function by entering the desired duration or stop time directly into the EasyTimer window, either directly in the command/note entry area or via the “counters”. For example, to enter a time directly in the command string entry area, an entry of 10 would create an elapsed timer for 10 seconds, while 10: or 10:00 would result in a 10 minute timer. An entry of 10PM would set an elapsed timer for the time until 10PM. Alternatively, the time can be entered using the “counters”.

EasyTimer window
While running, the timer displays the time remaining. The timer may be paused or reset (to zero) at any time. Upon completion, the timer sounds a (user selectable) chime/sound until acknowledged.

For addition information use the included help information or see EasyTimer