Month: January 2011

NoteFrog 1.9 and future development

Posted by – January 31, 2011

NoteFrog v1.9 is in early beta testing. This is a free update for all existing NoteFrog customers.

In addition to performance improvements, v1.9 will feature an “Item Preview” as you mouseover the item list display.
Item Preview

Version 1.9 and any subsequent sub-versions, e.g. fixes, will complete the version 1 life-cycle of NoteFrog.

Version 2 will include a new database design which will facilitate future feature additions as well as provide certain performance improvements.

NoteFrog was introduced over two years ago. Based on an anticipated version 2 release later this year, early version 1 users will have had nearly three years of use on their version 1 license. Furthermore, your version 1 license key may continue to be used with any version 1 NoteFrog edition indefinitely – it never expires.

With the introduction of NoteFrog 1.8 we began offering a “Lifetime” license, priced at less than twice the cost of of a single version license. While we haven’t finalized the pricing for NoteFrog version 2 at this time, I assure you that no version 1 license holder will be required to pay any more for a Version 2 license than the difference between their license 1 payment and the then current version 2 license. Furthermore, any version 1 license holder may upgrade to a lifetime license by paying (no more than) the difference between their license cost and the current lifetime license cost.

With the release of version 1.9, the blog will probably become less active for a while as we concentrate our efforts on the delivery of version 2. We’ll continue to post “tips”, so if you have a tip you feel would benefit other NoteFrog users, please let us know so we may include it in the blog.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you have questions or comments about NoteFrog.