Month: August 2011

Version 2 update

Posted by – August 6, 2011

Progress is continuing on NoteFrog version 2, with early beta testing scheduled to begin soon and an anticipated production release later this year or early 2012. Version 2 will not be a “features” release, but rather a “new foundation” release. We do not expect Version 2 release 1 to look, or appear to function, much differently than Version 1.9. Features will be added once we have the new foundation in production.

Speaking of version 1.9 and features – we’ve had two user reports of tooltips not displaying in version 1.9 even though turned on. In one case, the user reported the problem eventually cleared “on it’s own, following a re-boot” but in the other, re-booting didn’t help. We’ve been unable to duplicate this in any of our testing and are so far at a loss to explain it. If it’s happened, or happens, to you, please report it to us.