Month: October 2011

Back to the drawing board

Posted by – October 14, 2011

It happened to us. Missing tooltips on NoteFrog! Actually, tooltips were missing on all “programs” but present on “Browsers”, (yes, Browsers are programs too, but I’m making that exclusion for sake of identity).

So I began closing programs. No effect. Closed Firefox. No effect. Closed an instance of ie containing 6 tabs. Tootips returned for all programs, not just NoteFrog. I still had a tabbed instance of ie open. Re-opened the just closed instance of ie, containing the same tabs just closed. Still have tooltips on all programs.

This may take some research.

Update: Fixed for Version 2

Version 2 Update

Posted by – October 13, 2011

Now that I’ve taken a “break” from version 2 development (see version 1.9.1 release below), it’s probably a good time to update you on version 2 progress.

Version 2 is currently in “alpha” release status and should be entering “beta” pretty soon.

You’re probably as excited about this as we are and eagerly waiting for it to enter gamma or kappa or maybe even Charlie.

In our development process, alpha testing occurs after the major part of development is complete. However, during alpha testing, new features or functions may be added as part of the overall development. This necessitates additional testing – we have to redo the entire testing process (some of the introduced feature/functionality may impact areas already tested, so we have to test everything).

Once we enter beta testing, feature/functionality is frozen so the need to do extensive retesting across the entire feature suite, as any errors are found and corrected is less.

The good news is, as mentioned, we should be entering the beta test phase very soon.

The not so good news is that our senior Quality Assurance engineer has abandoned the Windows platform for linux, thus we’re not progressing as rapidly in the testing arena as we would like. While this may be a negative for NoteFrog in the short term, it will likely provide future benefit to NoteFrog users as they migrate NoteFrog capabilities to mobile technologies. As a demonstration of the type of capabilities that are coming, visit GooConvert for an early look at a free web-based application with NoteFrog-like capabilities. Since it’s browser-based it is also mobile device capable.

So, even though the immediate result is a lengthening of the current version 2 beta test cycle, the opportunities afforded by the web enabled capability will more than offset it.

While on the topic of beta testing, we are looking for a few active beta testers to join us when we begin. If interested, please contact us

Release 1.9.1

Posted by – October 13, 2011

We’ve made a change to Tooltips in an attempt to fix the occasional “non display” of tooltips a few users have experienced.

If you have not had any tooltip issues, there is no need for you to install this release.