Month: October 2012

Frog Tea anyone?

Posted by – October 5, 2012


AProper Cup of Tea

A Proper Cup of Tea by Peter Merich

A Proper Cup of Tea by Peter Merich

What is FrogTea? An encryption utility which allows you to create a secure*, stand alone, self-decrypting HTML archive which may contain either html or plain text content.

While it will be a feature of the next release of NoteFrog Professional, we’re also offering a stand alone utility which enables you to create secure* “FrogTea” archives of any text/html content you wish.

The encryption and decryption is done on your computer. No data is sent over the internet (unless you decide to upload/share your encrypted file, as we have). You may load your encrypted html file on any computer with a web browser and decrypt it anytime you wish by opening the HTML file in the browser and decrypting it – right there on the computer – no internet access is necessary – no data is transmitted!

To see it in action select this self-decrypting file and decrypt it using the key “A Proper Cup of Tea” – try other keys if you wish.

*For more information and to view the user guide and download the program visit FrogTea.