Month: June 2014

Version 3 planning

Posted by – June 14, 2014

As mentioned below, version 3 is well into development, with a planned implementation of very early 2015 (possibly even a bit sooner) if all continues to go well in beta testing.

The major changes in the initial implementation are:

  • Support for encrypted (aes128) libraries
  • Removal of reminders
  • Removal of clipboard collection support under Windows XP
  • Support for HTML clip collection
  • Visual indicator for Clipboard activation (on/off)
  • AES encryption offers virtually unbreakable encryption for your NoteFrog library. The encryption is for all user accessible data in the entire library. You will need to enter your encryption key each time you open an encrypted library. This will normally be at program launch. Be aware, your key is not stored anywhere in the database and is not available except through your entry, so if you lose/forget your key, none of your data will be accessible! We can not recover a key.

    Encryption comes with an increase in overall library size of 30 – 50% although in extreme cases, an image database, we have seen a 300% increase in size and an increase in processing time, so you might want to take this into consideration when deciding if encryption is really necessary. I would estimate for a normal NoteFrog user (do we have any of those?), neither of those issues will present a major problem, but it is something to consider.

    We’ve struggled with the issue of “reminders” ever since they were introduced. At the time, it seemed a nice capability, and they can be useful. However, the necessity of maintaining this separate code branch, which is unlike the maintenance of “Notes”, has taken it’s toll on feature development and maintenance. Reminders are “nice”, but they’re not “great” and making them “great”, which is what we want all of NoteFrog to be, would take too much away from core product development. Rather than continuing to offer, what we consider to be a sub-standard capability, we’re removing reminders from version 3. Most of you already use or know of capable alternatives. Respond with your suggested replacements and we’ll list them here.

    As you probably know, Microsoft has dropped support for Windows XP. As you may also know, particularly if you follow this blog, the clipboard collection process under Windows XP can be problematic. In order to take full advantage of the changes to clipboard management introduced with Windows Vista, we’re dropping support for legacy clipboard collection in version 3. You should still be able to use NoteFrog under XP, however it will no longer be able to function as a clip collector – which is something we tend to discourage anyway.

    We’ve added support for HTML type clipboard collection. Like images, you will have an option to store HTML from the clipboard in the NoteFrog library. Please note, NoteFrog is not an HTML editor. HTML items will be stored as collected from the clipboard. Any edits to the item text will NOT be reflected in the HTML content or HTML display. HTML clipboard content is not a complete copy of the actual site content.

    We’ve added a visual indicator (tiny button) for the status of clipboard collection (on/off) as well as a hotkey – CTL+A – to toggle it off/on. This should make it easier to edit/cut/copy an item without having each cut/copy change the selected item – simply toggle autocollection off while you’re editing and back on when you’ve finished editing.

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    NoteFrog version 2.7 released

    Posted by – June 2, 2014

    July 16, 2014 NoteFrog 2.7.3 released
    When updating items in an “alpha-sorted” items list, the list would occasionally show an incorrect item display. The data was correct, however the list display was incorrect. This version corrects that display sequencing error. Please note however that the list display is not refreshed after each change, since this could be time consuming for large lists, so the unrefreshed display of the items may appear incorrect in the list until the list is refreshed by the user. We will consider making the refresh a user option in a future version.
    July 13, 2014 NoteFrog 2.7.2 is available.
    Corrects a spell check error which could result in a program fault/abend.
    June 18, 2014 NoteFrog 2.7.1 is available for download.
    Corrects an error where some images would not be captured to the clipboard.
    June 2, 2014
    2.7 is “Version 3 aware”. Version 3 will introduce library encryption. While version 2.7 does not feature encryption, it will be aware if an attempt is made to open a version 3 encrypted library.
    2.7 also offers improved window handling for some situations which previously caused excessive window flicker.
    2.7 also fixes an issue with a trial period time-out present in version 2.6

    NoteFrog V3 will be released early next year and will not support Windows XP. XP will have been deprecated by Microsoft by then. One reason for NoteFrog deprecating XP support is the improvement to the clipboard handling available since Vista. No more broken clipboard chains!