Version 2 release notes – draft

Posted by – December 28, 2011

NoteFrog Version 2 will not be a “features” release, but rather a “new foundation” release. Version 2 release 1 will look, and function, much like Version 1.9. Features will be added once we have the new foundation in production.

That said, version 2 does contain some changes and features a somewhat new look.

NoteFrog V2
Command Box
Command area

As you can see, we’ve streamlined the function/edit/tool button area and added a “command” box, which can be used to effect any of the button changes via a command/text entry, e.g. “new”, “bold”, “copy”, etc. You may access the command box via the F10 key. You may see a list of available commands by entering a ? in the command box.

Alternate Menus with incorporated “Help”

We’ve added an alternate menu capability, available as a selection from the normal windows menus, which include the functionality of the normal menu selections, but also include help via “?” mouseover buttons.

Text file import
We’ve added the capability to import a directory of text files (.txt and/or .rtf) into NoteFrog, with each text file creating a new item in the current active stack.

Image display
Captured images are now displayed in natural image format whereas in release 1 they were displayed as a rich text rendition of the image.

Some of you requested the ability to change the default sounds for clip capture and reminders. All sounds are now external to the NoteFrog executable and are stored in the Microsoft recommended standard location which is a “hidden” system application data folder on your windows system drive.

For windows XP the location is – system drive:\Documents and Settings \”user name”\Local Settings\Application Data\NoteFrog\resources

For Vista/Windows 7 – system drive:\users\”user name”\appdata\roaming\HTConsulting\NoteFrog\resources

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