Version 2 beta testing

Posted by – January 5, 2012

This information is primarily for version 2 beta testers, but most of it will likely apply to version 2 users as well.

You can read about program differences in posts below.  This post is about getting ready to test.

Current alpha testing has not revealed any instances of data loss or corruption, but if you’re using your real NoteFrog library, you’ll probably want to create a backup, just to be safe.

You should download the beta install program and install it like any other NoteFrog install. If you’ve used the standard installation for previous installs, the beta install should run using your normal library. If you’ve changed the standard installation location, contact us for instructions – essentially you’ll need to replace the old executable with the new one and move a few new files to make them accessible to the program.

Upon first running the program it should locate the ini and library and start up as the previous version did. If you’ve installed version 2 into a new location and wish to run it separately from your version 1.9 installation, the new version 2 program will ask you if you want to create a new library or locate an existing one. That decision is up to you.

The new help menus are functional but are not at the level of detail they will be for the normal production install. We welcome your comments on how to improve them. Our familiarity with the program, causes us to sometimes take things for granted that others may not know.

We’ll probably issue a new beta in two to three weeks, depending on your issues, comments, suggestions – unless there’s a “show stopper” issue which requires an immediate fix.

Please report you findings regularly so we can stay current in addressing any issues.

Thanks for your participation.


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