Version 2 files and their location

Posted by – January 21, 2012

We’ll add more detail, but for now:

What’s where?
c:\Program Files (x86)\NoteFrog (Vista/Win7) OR
c:\Program Files\NoteFrog (Windows XP)

    NoteFrog.exe = NoteFrog program
    EasyTimer.exe = EasyTimer program
    recycleDB.exe = Uninstall data clean up utility
    hunspelldll.dll = spell checker
    _help.html = used in file exports
    unins000.dat = data used for uninstalling
    unins000.exe = uninstaller

c:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\HTConsulting\NoteFrog (Vista/Win7)
c:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application Data\HTConsulting\NoteFrog (XP)
(You will need Admin privileges to access/view these files/folders)

    chime.ogg = EasyTimer chime
    etbkg.png = EasyTimer window background
    timer.png = Timer image

resources (folder) containing

    nf_options.html = Alternate Help Menu HTML
    nf_rightclick.html = Alternate Help Menu HTML
    nf_utilities.html = “Help/Utilities” window
    command.png = Alternate Help Menu image
    editbuttons.png = Alternate Help Menu image
    help_24.png = Alternate Help Menu image
    itembuttons.png = Alternate Help Menu image
    rtfbuttons.png = Alternate Help Menu image
    toolbuttons.png = Alternate Help Menu image
    help.gif = Alternate Help Menu image

    CuckooClock.wav = Reminder sound
    Frog.wav = clip capture sound

    en_US.dic = hunspell dictionary
    en_US.aff = hunspell dictionary
    en_US.dat = hunspell dictionary supplement

Created in “resources” folder by running NoteFrog

    NoteFrog.ini = Initialization/preferences data
    NoteFrog.db = Main NoteFrog notes/data library
    NoteFrog.a/b/c.log = programs logs

In your “documents” folder:

Want to run NoteFrog from a USB?
(Note: Database/Library access will be much slower than running from a hard drive)
Create a folder (NoteFrog or whatever) on the USB
Copy all files/folders from the above locations into the folder)
You MUST edit the NoteFrog.ini to reflect the new location for:
Database =
Opened = (if present)
Dictionary = (if you want to spell check)

Be sure to use a “Plain text” editor (e.g. Notepad) and save the file as NoteFrog.ini (Notepad will add a .txt by default unless you’re specific – “save as”

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