Are you still developing NoteFrog?

Posted by – April 6, 2010

From time to time we receive a question regarding the status of NoteFrog development. It seems some people are not interested in software unless it’s constantly being developed. Consequently, developers are forced into continuing to add “features” until the software becomes bloated, unnecessarily complex and confusing, and error prone. Continuing development is also the preferred method for securing additional revenue from existing customers by forcing them to upgrade – “OK, you want a version that will run under Windows 7? Time for a price increase.”

At HTConsulting, we don’t subscribe to the philosophy that more is necessarily better. NoteFrog was developed to implement a feature-set similar to a few programs the authors had used in the past, which are no longer available. We first searched current software offerings for equivalent functionality and found none so we decided to develop our own. Upon completion, we offered the software to several friends and associates and they convinced us we should offer it to others.

Now back to the original question, Are we still developing? Yes and no. We continually develop in order to make NoteFrog the best and most efficient program at doing what it does. Occasionally a customer will make a suggestion or we’ll have an idea for a change which will improve NoteFrog functionality while still fitting in with our original program vision, and we’ll add it. However, we are not developing by adding new feature/functionality (e.g. bloat), simply for the sake of offering new versions and raising the price. We also USE our software. So when we want to use it on a new version of Windows, we upgrade it, but we don’t raise the price. We don’t expect you to pay more to use a program you’ve already purchased, on a new version of Windows.

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