Run NoteFrog from a USB drive

Posted by – February 16, 2010

If you would like to carry NoteFrog with you and run it from a flash drive, you will need to move certain files to the flash drive and make minor modifications to the NoteFrog.ini file. Due to windows imposed security considerations, these actions may only be performed by a user with “Admin” privileges and someone who is familiar with and comfortable modifying text files.

1. Move the NoteFrog.exe and Hunspelldll.dll (if you wish to do spell checking) files from the NoteFrog program folder to the flash drive.

2. Move the NoteFrog.ini, NoteFrog.db, nf_utilities.html, dict.dll and, if you want to use spell check, the .dic, .aff and optional .dat (e.g. en_US.dic)  files from your windows user application data folder for HTConsulting\NoteFrog. These are in a “hidden” system application data folder on your windows system drive. For windows XP the location is – system drive:\Documents and Settings \”user name”\Local Settings\Application Data
for Vista – system drive:\users\”user name”\appdata\roaming\HTConsulting\NoteFrog

3. Using a normal text editor, e.g. notepad, open the NoteFrog.ini file and modify the path of the “Opened =” entry (if a path exists) and the “Dictionary = ” entries to reflect the location on the flash drive. Be sure the .ini is saved as an .ini and not an .ini.txt (the Notepad default).
4. You should now be able to run NoteFrog from the flash drive.

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