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Posted by – April 27, 2015

Oct 11, 2015 – Release version 3.1.1011. Adds capability to do a full database search for a single term.Full DB Search
Simply check the “Full DB” check-box and enter a search term in the NoteFrog search box, terminated by a “return/enter”. NoteFrog will search your entire NoteFrog database/library and return a list of all the selected items. The returned list may now be searched using the normal NoteFrog super-search capability.

Sept 28, 2015 – Release version 3.1.0928. Routine to determine “source” of clip improved in attempt to accommodate additional browsers.

Sept 17, 2015 – We’re releasing version 0917, which is the initial version 3 production release.

Update – June 3, 2015

Newest Release 3 in initial stages of beta testing. Issues identified in prior beta have been addressed. This beta supports encryption, (limited) HTML capture and a default clip collection stack. A general beta should be available soon.

Update – May 15, 2015

Additional testing of the version 3 release candidate has uncovered two potentially serious issues related to new features added in V3 which have led to a halt to current testing as V3 undergoes a non-trivial update.

Since the major V3 commitment – encryption, is working properly, we may consider a v3.0 release which adds encryption to NoteFrog and a subsequent 3.1 for the additional features (HTML capture and a “default” clip collection stack), which is where the issues reside.

The issues do not effect version 2 users as they are directly related to features added for V3.

Upgrading to V3

A database backup is recommended before utilizing database encryption. (A regular database backup is a good idea, regardless.)

Version 3 changes include:

  • Support for encrypted (aes128) libraries
  • Removal of reminders
  • Removal of clipboard collection support under Windows XP
  • Support for HTML clip collection
  • Improved visual indicator of active panel
  • Visual indicator for Clipboard activation (on/off) – collect text content and collect no clip content
    Right-clicking on the clipboard activation indicator, toggles between text only and text+HTML clipboard content. The HTML content indicator is a small Internet Explorer icon collect HTML content
  • Support for a “default” clip collection stack. New clips are captured into the default instead of the “active” stack.
  • Removal of support for an image skin. Use any color you like, as long as it’s not a picture 🙂
  • As previously mentioned, the major change in NoteFrog version 3 is the ability to encrypt your notes library using AES128 encryption. AES128 is truly industrial strength encryption* and virtually unbreakable. Just be sure not to lose your encryption key since there is no way to recover a lost key.

    *”As for now, there are no known practical attacks that would allow anyone to read correctly implemented AES encrypted data.”

    Also note that HTML collection is from HTML clipboard content (if available). This is not intended to provide a web-site copy function, since the clipboard content omits much of the site content data.

    Update – May 07, 2015

    Version 3.0.0507

    This version corrects a few display anomalies present in earlier version 3 candidates:

    1. The initial “active tab” indicator was refreshed on each change in selection and led to a bit of unnecessary flickering. This version only refreshes the active tab indicator when necessary.

    2. When HTML or images were captured to a “default” stack that was not the “active/displayed” stack, the contents of the image/html were being displayed in the active item panel.

    4 Comments on Version 3 release notes

    1. Iain Barraclough says:

      I did email you on 2015-04-28, after reading your post, and tried updating via NoteFrog, but to no avail so far. Is something broken with the website? Several pages seem to be 404.

      I look forward to the opportunity to be an “early adopter” of v3 of the excellent NoteFrog.

    2. berry says:

      Hello Iain,
      Apologies, for some reason, I did not receive a notification you had posted this comment.
      Email received and invite sent. Welcome to the team.

    3. SK says:

      In your Beta 3 post you say SHA128 – should it not be AES128 ?


    4. berry says:

      Thanks. Had referred to aes128 in the changes list. Must have been having a “grey” moment when I wrote that paragraph.

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