Anti-Virus false positives

Posted by – February 16, 2010

We’ve noticed that at least one anti-virus program has flagged NoteFrog 1.5.0 as possibly containing a virus. There is no virus in NoteFrog. What is being reported is known as a “false positive”. Anti-virus programs have become so diligent in their checking that they are flagging more false positives than ever.  See this link –

We  submit NoteFrog  to any product companies who flag NoteFrog as a possible virus and have them add it to their database as acceptable, but  the process can take several days to complete. If you receive a notification from your anti-virus program, please notify us so we can submit NoteFrog to them. If you still have concerns about this version of NoteFrog, please contact us and we’ll ensure you can access a version directly from our secure download location.

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