NoteFrog V3 available – free for everyone.

Posted by – June 3, 2018

Development of NoteFrog has resumed. Until a significant upgrade (Unicode compliance – Version 4) is complete, the current version of NoteFrog is available, as is (it’s the latest production release but we will not be making additional changes to this version), for free. For now, you will require a NoteFrog registration key. A complimentary registration is available on the NoteFrog site NoteFrog registration. If you prefer a personalized registration, send a request, which contains your desired registration name and email address to HTConsulting You may download the current version of release 3 and a complimentary registration key here NoteFrog version 3.

Database encryption is available in version 3, however, an upgrade to version 4, when available, will require an unencrypted database, which is easily available from the Library Menu.